Logic Pro 9 Decibel levels not changing


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Hey everyone,

First post. I'm an amateur Logic user, and probably compared to most of you, I have very little experience using sequencing or audio editing programs in the past. (With the exception of playing on Garageband) I'm currently taking an orchestration class online, and my sequenced assignments are supposed to be submitted as mp3s. When I adjust the audio levels of each part of the orchestra in the mixer, they automatically revert to +1.9db as soon as I start the piece from the beginning. I am very confused about this problem, seeing as I was able to permanently adjust the decibel levels on each on of the tracks as of 2 weeks ago without any difficulty.

How can I fix this? I'm assuming its some setting that I have, in my naivety, overlooked.


Yes, check your automation first. If that doesn't work, go to List, then Events and see if there are any Volume instructions there. If so, delete.
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