Logic Pro 8 Default Key Commands


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Hi. I'm a new participant here with too many questions to even wrap my brain around. I'll start with those that are the easiest to state! I'm using LE8.

1) I note in the FAQ, item 11 indicates a number of key-commands relating to display, such as B, E and F. These are set to completely different things in my LE8 system. Are these peculiar to Logic Studio only? I've imported the original LE8 defaults and they are pretty much the same as my own.

2) In most display windows (Mixer, Piano Roll) I can cursor through tracks and the the display will update (Piano Roll) with the newly selected track or shift across the screen (Mixer). But in score display the cursor is assigned to other things. I spend a lot of time in score and so find myself endlessly closing he display, going to Arrange display, reselecting a new track, then going back to the Score display again.

Once I used the cursor in Score display and was stunned to find it cycling through the tracks just as I would like. Later it was gone. How does one do this?

Many thanks for any pointers.

-- Gerry


I have, for the time being, given up on the score in logic and am planning to get SmartScoreX to replace logic's score editor. Google "Prischl + LNG" and there is a book called Logic Notation Guide you can order it only from him, I think and many on this and other Logic Forums say 99% is still relevant to the score in Pro 8,despite the age of the book-maybe a group buy could be set up, good luck!
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