Logic Pro 9 Delay compensation doesn´t work?


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Hi there!

I have a problem with my setup at the moment.

In my autoload I have several aux channels. Somehow the delay compensation doesn´ t seem to work (I have set the delay compensation to "all") with some of these... I recently discovered that there was a delay when sending to a reverb aux from another aux (say, a drum aux).

The lack of delay compensation only seemed to affect some aux channels. Reverb channel 1 had a delay when sending to it, but Reverb channel 6 didn´t. I tried to change my reverb aux channels (inputs) to new one´s. It worked for a while, but when I opened the autoload the day after, the delay was back again.

I found out that removing the sends I had set up on every aux helped a bit. All of my aux channels (as well of all audio channels) have send 1-6 set up and ready for use. The lack of delay compensation seem to almost disappear when I remove my 1-6 send set up, but I would really like to find a way to keep this setup so that I won´t have to prepare a new send every time I need one.

Anyone experienced this?

My setup: Mac Quad 2.8Ghz, 2Gb ram, Logic 9.1, Uad2 Quad, AES16/Lynx aurora. Hybrid setup. Outboard, summing. I also use I/O plugins for compressors/eq´s.

Was this song autoload created in Logic 7 or lower (or maybe an older version of Garageband)?. When they rebuilt the audio engine in Logic 8, some of the internal routing is messed up.

If so, you need to make a new autoload in Logic 8 or higher.

George Leger III
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Hi George.

Thank you for answering. I think I made this Autoload in LP8, but to be honest I can´t remember.

Might have to rebuild the Autoload then? That´ll take some time...

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