Logic Pro 8 delay compensation not working on sidechain compression


Is anyone else having an issue with this? My kick drum in Battery goes to a mutli-out (Aux/Bus 1). My bass synth has a Logic compressor with the sidechain set to Aux/Bus 1). As a result, the bass synth is coming in early which means it is ignoring delay compensation even though I have delay compensation set to ALL in Preferences > General > Plug-in Delay.

Disabling my UAD plugins makes no difference. This seems to be a Logic problem.

I've also had similar problems when I use Roger Nichols' SPL-izer plugin on my G4. But when I tested SPL-izer on my Intel laptop, I didn't have the same problem.

Can anyone comment on this issue? Please state whether you are using a PPC or Intel Mac when you reply. Thanks!
Hmm, now this is interesting: If I disable the compressor, the problem persists. I have to actually go into the (disabled) plugin and remove the Side Chain designation to get the proper delay compensation. So this is not a plugin issue so much as it is directly related to the side chain routing not properly benefiting from delay compensation.
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Did you ever resolve this issue? I'm working in Logic 9 (9.1.1) on Snow Leopard and I'm getting the same behavior. I've been searching for days and this post is the first evidence I've found that anyone else has even had this problem. Due to the lack of information I'm finding, I have to assume I'm doing something wrong in my settings. I just can't figure out what I should be doing differently.
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Nope, it's still broken. And it's still a problem for me. Doesn't matter if it's Logic plugs or 3rd party. I discovered that leaving my kick on the main outs and sending it to a bus allows me to sidechain to the kick track at least, without introducing compensation problems. But forget any other outputs.
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