Logic Pro 8 Delay Compensation using 96KHz


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I was trying to master a song in LP8 using 96Khz sample rate and notice that plug-in delay compensation wasn't working. I'm using third party plug-in, maybe that's the reason. Does anybody experienced that?





What are your current CPU percentages? I had an epiphany in recent weeks. I was trying to figure out why my delay compensation was breaking on busses, even for simple things like sidechain compression, when I recognized a correlation between my CPU usage and the breakage. In other words, when my CPU levels are low, delay compensation works fine. When I start redlining, compensation on my busses goes out the window.

I can't decide if this is a bug or not. I guess I'd prefer that it maintain compensation all the time, even if it meant a lower threshold to quitting playback. Personally, I don't like the current behavior. I'm hoping I have less trouble with compensation failing when I move to my newer (more powerful) computer.
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