Delay Compenstaion Should be Saved as part of song

This is so easy but drives me a bit nuts. I would like the delay compensation settings, (just instr and sends or all tracks) to be saved as a song's preferences and not a global preference. This should be so easy to switch! If I finish a big mix and need global compensation on, why should it come up that way if I start a new song the next day? And of course if a week later you go back to the big mix, it will come up often sounding wrong if your global pref. are switched back to just instr.
I personally have very good experiences following Apples recommendation: Just using the PDC preference set to "All" all the time. In case I need low latency *after* I inserted long-delay-causing plug-ins in a project, I use the Low Latency Mode.
However, if this doesn't work for you (out of curiousity: why?), there is a key command that allows you to toggle the PDC mode (see below).


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