Logic Pro 9 Delay line in environment window problem


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Have logic loaded on multiple computers, never had this problem. Just installed new logic on new i-7 mac-mini server. Loaded songs from another computer's external firewire to the new i-7's external firewire drive. All seems to work smooth except for the delay lines I have set up in the environment window. No matter what I set my delay for, the first delay will only adjust so fast, all delays after first react accurately after the first delay reacts slow.

Basically, the first delay will not audibly adjust any faster than a whole beat. This is infuriating. Any ideas?

I've tried resetting my p-ram and adjusting all the global preferences I can think might cause this error. I've switched from my external firewire audio output to the i-7's internal, no change.

Thank you for any ideas. Apple has no idea what is causing this.


Forrest J. Wolfe dfive.org