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Hello Because I didnt know what I was doing when I started with logic express 9 I havnt saved my work as projects but just named them in save as, I now have a load of old work I want to delete and there doesnt seem a way to do this, its driving me nuts everything I see on line refers to deleting audio files and not to deleting work that is in save as, Im still a novice so could somebody please help as I want to free up space on my hard drive. it seems the simplest of actions as in delete is a secret.

I assume you want to delete Logic songs/files as well as related audio files.

You can delete everything from the Finder if you know where all the files are. If not, you can open each song and then delete the audio files from there. I don't know Logic Express but in Logic Pro, you do this from the Audio Bin window, Audio File menu, delete files. There's no need at all to uninstall and reinstall Logic - this is basic file management.
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I would suggest you do this:

Buy a couple of hard drives. On the first one, copy the "Music" folder in your main user or home folder and all it's contents to one of the new drives as a safety backup. Once done put it aside for now.

The main goal is to open each Logic Pro song, and do a save as, then resave to your additional new drive. When saving make sure you do a few things...

1) open your audio bin, and under the edit menu choose the "select unused" command, then press delete. This will remove any files you are no longer using in the song from your bin.

2) Select the "save a copy as" command, and make sure when you save that you select the 2 checkboxes: Include assets and copy external audio files to project folder. Then save to your new drive.

Once you have done this, you should have your new drive full of your songs, with only the files needed to play each song.

Once you have completed this stage and made sure each song will play back, you can go to the "Music" folder in your user or home folder, and throw out the originals to clear off space on your main drive.

You actually have backups now, a very good idea these days since Apple just had a recall on some of the drives that went out with iMacs... meaning any drive will die for sure. It's not a matter of "if" it's a matter of "when".

I'm not sure if that is what you meant about your song files and being disorganized, either way I hope this helps.
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Hello all

I have an IMac 10.5.8 and I've just been informed that my startup disk is almost full, I need to delete files but I'm not sure how it works.

I've tried reading the rest of this thread but I'm confused..

I have backed up my computer so everything is on it and I should be able to delete whatever right?

Here is what I just tried:

I opened up a project, went to the Bin and deleted all the files, so the bin looks empty ok, I looked in my trash and didn't see them there, so where are they?

And if I have deleted the audio files ok, but I still have this empty project sitting here the same folder showing in my Logic folder..

Thanks from the Caveman :)
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I just found an Rename and thought maybe I should stop creating new projects and just empty out and rename them whenever I start something new?

I also found the Clean Up, tried it, and it said three files have been moved to the trash, but I looked at my trash and didn't see them there..

I think I can hear a wise voice saying "Uh, dude, no..." lol

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I don't know the capacity of your drive, but my suggestion is for you to get an extra external drive to add to your system.

Your boot drive should never have less than 10-15% free space. So, if it's a 500GB drive, minimum 50-75 GB free. It's actually better to have much more free space as you need the room for cache, swapfiles etc etc.

If you get an extra drive, you can record audio onto that, which is better in any case. If you have tons of sample libraries, then even another drive for those would be good.Drives are cheap these days and your system will run better and faster.

Regarding your question, see page 209 of the manual:

Delete audio recordings
You can delete an audio region that was recorded before or since the current project session was opened.

You can also delete an audio recording, and its related audio file in the Project Audio Browser, when Show Advanced Tools is selected in the Advanced preferences pane.

Delete an audio recording from the Tracks area

Select the audio region in the Tracks area, then press the Delete key.
The audio region is removed from the Tracks area but the audio file remains in the project.

Delete an audio recording and its related audio file from the project

Choose Audio File > Delete File(s) from the Project Audio Browser menu bar.
The deleted audio files are sent to the System Trash where they remain until you empty the Trash.​
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Thanks Colin

I managed to delete the entire projects in Finder.

So now when I need something and it's no longer there, I'll just hook up my external hard drive, open up Time Machine, find the project, restore to my desktop and wammo, done.

Good enough for me, I think..

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A wise person once said that data doesn't exist unless it's in 2 or more places.

If you only have one copy in Time Machine, then you don't really have a backup, do you...?
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