delete AUs from file system from Audio Units Manager


It would be such a help to add a button to teh Audio Units Manager (next to Disable Filed Audio Units and Reset & Rescan Selection) that would simply delete a plugin from the window as well as move it to the trash in the file system. I will pray to the Logic gods now. Thank you.
What about AudioUnit Manager from Audio File Engineering
Although it's not listed on their homepage you can easily find it on the web. It's a nice little app to create different sets of AU for different applications. But yes I agree, it would be nice to have built into the OS, so that you could assign different AU sets and have them load automatically for each host app.
To be frank, every time I have tried to use the multiple sets options in that utility and anything like it, my AU folder has gone to hell in a hand basket. I stick with manual control of the folder now. What I really wish for is Apple to create a system wide utility that allows user-defined AU sets specific to each application (Logic, Final Cut, and 3rd party apps, etc.).
Also, part of the point of this wish is to provide a means of deleting the plugin from Logic and the file system while you are still in Logic. Sometimes the file name and the name that shows up in Logic are different, so this feature would eliminate the task of having to figure this out for yourself.