sorry for two threads in a short space of time but, i went through and cleared out a load of audio and projects i considered 'useless' only to realise that i would quite like to go through a few of the demo songs...

notably The Killers and Lily Allen one... has anyone got the project folders or sessions, or whatever the term is in Logic (another pointer i could do with familiarising myself with) uploaded?

or are they a few GBs too big to share so easily?

thanx for the help gents
I still have the Lily Allen 'The Fear' demo installed, and it's 1.44 GB. Digging up the installer disc would be the best choice.

Fwiw, The Fear seems to have been re-edited for this demo. Some of the vocals are off-time and many sounds are simply printed as audio or one-hits in EXS24. It's still fairly interesting, anyway, as a fan of Greg K's production (and Lily).
They are on the original install DVDs. No need to re-install Logic or anything of the sort; just drag the projects over to your hard drive.

I also wondered if these were truly the original projects. I suspect that third-party plug-ins have just been bounced into the audio, so that all that remains instantiated in the mix is the Logic native processing.

what kind of logic user do you take me for? :)

Sadly, we have a very long history of people turning up on the LUG mentioning missing XSKeys, discs, oxygen versions, detuned EXS 24 samples, canine induced loss of documentation etc. etc.

Bearing that in mind, what sort of impression do you think you have made by asking for content that is included in every single Logic Studio package, but may not be as easy to D/L from some warez site due to its size. I don't want to be seen to accuse you in the wrong, but honestly, it wouldn't be the first time ....

It takes quite a stretch of the imagination to believe that a program package you could not have bought before July 23 has already gone AWOL.

In any case, the answer is simple - good luck finding your Logic Studio/9 package, the content disk will be in there.
Sorry to reply to such an old thread, I just didn't want to unnecessarily revive a new one.

Does anyone know if Logic Pro 9 off the app store has access to more than just the one demo song? I have seen the other demo songs on other computers, but those were running Logic Studio before it was put on the app store.