Logic Pro 7 & earlier desperately seeking authorization image


New to forums-sorry-my G4 OS 9 crashed, I recovered files including Logic-now. Logic Platinum Audio 4.6 will run but does not recognize my PCI-324 Asio driver in audio preferences. error message- no asio driver -but it's there in the Asio driver folder- I use Motu 1224 audio interface-and reloaded the software & configured the ASIO driver. When I click on the driver, the error message says it can't find Logic audio 4.0-sub message says it can't find the appropriate translation- so I rebuilt the desktop. I'm thinking the problem is with Logic itself. I cannot complete installation of Logic Audio 4.0 from my install CD, as I have no floppy drive, and Emagic no longer exists, so I cannot get the floppy disk image from their site that is needed to complete the installation of Logic. I'm not sure if this will solve the problem- that Logic doesn't see the driver. I'm also not sure that I have the appropriate floppy. I would love to just reload Logic again and see if that's the problem. Does anyone know how I can get the floppy authorization image? I have spent hours, and hours researching, experimenting to no avail. Suicide is becoming an option. Thanks!!!!


Thanks for the reply!!!-I have the installation disk for Motu 1224 and installed the PCI 324 driver in the Asio Driver folder for Logic, but Logic always gives me the same error message- no driver found. AAGH.....so frustrating. Like I said, I think the problem is that when I re-installed Logic 4.0, I did not have the authorization floppy (or floppy drive). Instructions are to go to Emagic website to get the floppy disk image-but- no longer is there an Emagic website. I think this is the root of the problem and have spent HOURS searching for a download or even a floppy to buy. Can't find anything. Someone suggested garage band and "rewire" to get it to slave to Logic Audio as a last ditch solution.


I have the CD installer disk for Logic Audio Platinum 4. - I also found a floppy - but it's Logic Audio 2.5.4 68K which I'm sure is of no use.

I have a G4 Mac, Power PC , OS 9.0.4 and 256 MB Ram

(Other gear, in case you needed to know, is Motu 1224 audio interface, Motu Midi Express, DBX, DP2 effects processor, and Korg modules & keyboard, and external HD, and Jazz drive)

Thank you -thank you for helping!!!!
You don't mention the XS key you need...

when you open logic and go to the drivers page, what are/do you have any options? are you sure the audio portion of Logic is enabled? Do you see the "built in" sound drivers that use the computer by itself? Do they work if you play an audio track?


I have Mac AV as an option, but then I can only use 2 input/output for audio. I have not tried to record using this method. I've experimented with my Mic to see if there is input- and yes- my mixer shows input as well as the 1224. I have brought up an old song and have the in/out's but no audio comes through- also the plug in's that I used (in this case distortion) is crossed out.


am working with logic 4.6 now- trying Mac AV- nope-I can see the signal on my mixer-but it does not record my voice- on the mixer environment window, there is not a signal coming in either.


just pulled up a song I wrote a while back- the audio tracks are all there-when I try to play one- I get a message -"please create an audio track" The only sound coming though is the midi drums.


also using OMS for Midi-would THAT have anything to do with this? especially Logic not seeing the Asio driver?
I know...a lot of questions- but I really do appreciate your help.
OK I'm getting very confused, you are not giving any info in a understandable way.

A) go into your driver page... Was there any other option than the Mac AV in the driver page? You have to have the correct audio driver selected and then create the correct environment objects to get audio in and out of Logic.

2) you mention a mic and a mixer. Are you talking about an external mixer or the environment mixer in Logic?

3) Yes, if you have Mac AV selected as a driver, your environment objects would have to be reassigned to that driver or it has a line through it and is grayed out.

4) Which version of Logic do you have: silver, gold, or platinum? I was also under the impression that the dongle for Logic V4 was the newer single programmable key, not the old boxes.

I hope you do understand that the environment must be set up correctly, the right driver has to be installed, etc.The biggest issue I and others might have is the fact that you are using a version of Logic 5 versions old, on an os that is almost 10 years old, on a computer with 256 meg of ram... Just to try and remember any of the specifics takes about 20 minutes of research just to get a glimpse of what it WAS like way back then.

What are you even using this? I expect that your computer is going to break before too much longer... in fact, if the pci (or nubus, I can't be sure) slot is not working, or the card is not seated correctly, this is not going to work. Have you tried to reseat the card?

Anyways, I'm running out of time and ideas here, so my involvement with a resolution is almost done... please let me know the answers to the current questions and I'll see if I can help or not.
No asio and oms have different jobs: one deals with midi data onlym(OMS), and the other audio (ASIO)...

Are you sure that you installed the driver correctly? Have you tried to reinstall it again.. sometimes that will work.


Hi again-the reason I am using this antique is because I can't afford to upgrade. I'm from the CA Bay Area, but now live in a little town where no one knows anything about Macs. I, who knows little, know more than most.
I also have a bunch of songs recorded that I was working on before the disk crashed. My studio was set up back in CA on a rack before I moved it here. I am a female, and maybe that's why I am confusing you. lol. I would try Logic Express, but I just googled it and it requires OS 10.3 or higher- and I don't know if it would play my old tracks.

I could call you if you want, but look, I appreciate the help you have given me so far and if you want to throw your hands up in the air, I understand. I truly do. You've been wonderful to help me as much as you did-thanks.

on the audio driver preferences window-
Mac AV, DAE , CBX, VS, Audiowerk, 1212 1/0, Direct I/O, DS2416, ASIO, Stud I/O, EASI

the mixer is an external Mackie line mixer

when I choose ASIO- that's where the plug-in's are crossed out

I have Logic Platinum-old- 4.6.1 - needs two dongles - one for midi, one for audio

I have not tried to re-seat the card- however I did check to be sure it was in there securely, and I thought it was, I can try and see....

Thanks again


Oh Yeah-many times (of course I trash the old one before re-installing)

I keep thinking the problem is that I couldn't re-install Logic from my CD because I don't have the authorization floppy and can't get the image because Emagic's website is gone.
I found Logic on a back up drive and transferred it to my computer.


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Mac mirror door, Logic 6, Sw1000, DS2416, Plugstation

Hi, i am presently setting up a system involving a Mac G4 (mirror door), Logic 6, SW1000XG, DS2416, and a Plug-station with PLG150 DX, AN, VL, VH.

i have not been able to make Logic see the DS2416. The DS2416 ck tells me the card is all present and correct in the Mac, and sends out test tones to prove it.
i have also been able to record in Logic through the SW1000, but it's totally dingying the DS2416.
i wonder if anyone can help please? cheers t