Destructive AU & Logic Plugin processing in the Sample Editor


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I've been wanting / missing this one forever.

Back when I was using Logic 5 on the PC, there used to be a DirectX menu in the sample editor so that I, for example, could apply a High Pass filter to a short section of audio and get rid of a plosive without affecting the rest of the file (as opposed to inserting on a track). Mac users that owned Protools interfaces also used to (or do they still?) have an audio suite menu in the same place.

But there has never been a menu to use the built in Logic and third party au plugins destructively in the sample editor. I've been requesting it for years and years, not only on forums like this, but from apple's feedback webpage as well as in person when I talked to the Logic developers at a dinner after the AES in 2005. How hard can it possibly be to implement this?


Dude, we've all been begging for this for years (since OSX Logic came on the scene). And not just us. Some big producers too. Bounce in place is the closest thing we've got (for which I am grateful, of course).


You can do this in STP. Open the audio file from Logic (Shift + W), make your processing on STP, flatten all actions, save and it's updated in Logic arrange.
Though ould be much better to do it all inside Logic as some plug-ins don't work in STP for some reason ...


I recently changed over to Logic from Pro Tools and I really miss this feature! For handling plosives and de-essing small fragments.

Brian Stone

how many of you would really use this feature? I have seen the request for years, but why is it so helpful? Why not just use plug-ins and BIP if you need it burned in?


Because BIP generates an additional audio file, which usually isn't necessary or desired in these types of situations. And then you have to deal with the orignl fiel in the arrange window some way or another.

Imagine this scenario: You are have a docked and linked sample editor open at the bottom of the arrange window, you are playing through an audio file in the arrange, and when a plosive, or pop, or mouth noise, or loud breath, or whatever comes up, you just make little selection in the sample editor, process as necessary, and continue down the time line in the arrange. You can work your way through a whole file in no time. With BIP, you'd need to go through this multiple times while working through the file and end up with potentially dozens of small new files unnecessarily.

Brian Stone

So for you, its more utility, and convenience. I work with a lot of people who ask for this feature because they are doing procedural sound design by iterating plug-in applications with editing.


+ 1. I don't use destrucive editing a 10th as much as I used to a couple of years ago but it would certainly be handy for little things like backwards reverb/delay.

Maybe also for certain things like noise reduction - I didn't get to work on that type stuff in Logic just yet, but in my previous experiences with other apps, I always seemed to get better result when processing files a few times with more subtle settings than trying to get rid of the noise in one pass with more radical settings. In such a case, BIP would generate a bunch of useless files.

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How hard can it possibly be to implement this?

I don't think it's a matter of difficulty. If you recall (if you were using Logic back then) back in the OS 9, days, Logic's sample editor did allow for destructive native processing in the Sample Editor using the Premiere format (anyone remember the that non-realtime audio plug-in format?). It was removed.



how many of you would really use this feature? I have seen the request for years, but why is it so helpful? Why not just use plug-ins and BIP if you need it burned in?

I would. Coming from Digital Performer and Pro Tools it was a nice feature to have. Going into another app to apply a destructive edit is a real time suck and normally i just don't do it. Maybe Logic X will have it!