Digi002 A-to-D Conversion Any Good?

I've recently jumped ship from PT to start using Logic 8.

What a difference.

Are the A-to-D converters in the Digi002 any good?

Will I notice a discernable difference if I step up to the Apogee Ensemble or RNE Fireface? Or is the Digi002's A-to-D conversion comparable to those two products'?

I'm using EVRE20s and some RNC Really Nice Preamps with RODE NT1s to record drums, and I'm recording bass direct from a preamp.



Hey there,
The 002 are decent pre's, the problem is that digi and Logic dont always play nice.
I've had latencies as long as a week with these two, so for my Logic rig I use The RME Fireface800. Really good pre's, stable, and it not too bad with latency.
Good Luck
Either of those units will have better A/D and D/A than a 002. I have no experience with the Metric Halo but several people whose opinion I respect, like Orren Merton here, speak highly of its converters and driver.
I own the 002r and a Duet (same converters as the ensemble). The 002 is average - not bad but definitely better products out there, both for AD/DA conversion and playing nice with Logic. The Duet sounds noticeably better than the 002r. The other products mentioned previously in the thread should be quite nice as well.