Logic Pro 9 Digital Metering Help



I've been reading a bit about metering in the digital domain and it's confused me to the point of questioning all I already know.

Am I safe to keep logics individual channel and master bus meters set to default and just make sure I am not clipping my interface and logic meters?

Or is there more to it that I need to be doing in the digital world.

I record so my logic meters are peaking around -18 to -12. And my master bus I try to keep at -4 for mastering headroom. Should I incorporate any other habits/ techniques regarding metering?

Do I need to calibrate the meters?


It sounds like you are doing all the right things. There are good discussions about metering out there on the web, but there are just a few areas where extreme diligence is warranted: at the a/d and d/a conversions (which it sounds like you have under control) and in busing. Logic is set up to use floating point calculations so that you can overload the inputs to a bus but remove all distortion by lowering the output of the bus. I.e. if you are running your channels hot, you can bring your master down to compensate. Not the greatest way to run things, but it does work. The only other area where you might want to watch levels is in hitting plugins that are sensitive to levels.

As far as calibration goes, that can be a good thing, but it's not usually as critical as it was back in the day when aligning tape decks. Bob Katz has some very interesting things to say about calibration for monitoring and i think it's well worth checking out. Digido.com or his book Mastering Audio: The art and the science is well worth reading for many reasons.

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