Discount on brand new and older Logic Videos


I hope no one minds this little bit of commerce, but I wanted to share a quick little special discount that is available for the next few days (until the end of September)

Until the end of the month, my brand new Logic 9 Explained videos will be available at a 25% discount from the website.

Groove 3 is making everything on their site available at this discount; so now's the time to stock up on any of mine or Doug's older Logic videos as well, for those interested.

All you need to do is go to:

And just use the coupon code: sept25off during checkout.
Thanks Eli, I'm a big fan of your lessons and welcome the information. I've learned more from those lessons than almost any other source. And, no I am not Eli's cousin's sister's brother.
I bought the discounted Logic 9 training video and it's probably the best Logic video I've seen (for me and how I like to use the program - as a playing musician using Logic to express my composing and arranging ideas). Great work.

Eli - i saw this new video - I have a question for you. -

I've been using DP since it was.... just 'P' - I just bought Logic 9 back in August, and I am preparing, familiarizing myself with the program - in hopes of moving fully to Logic by Q1 of 2010 - I cant leave my clients in the lurch - while I learn a new DAW.
I bought and downloaded everything that was available from groovetube - I think at the time it was a couple series of videos from yourself and Doug. - Nothing was available for L9 at the time - so everything I bought was Logic 8.
I watch the videos constantly in my free time - and then put some time in the app - when i am "session-free" -
Let me say that I am extremely pleased with the way you and Doug present the videos - and i am amazed at how familiar I am gettig with the program - just from consistently watching... Excellent job.
My question -I know the "ad" from groove tube says that these are not "rehashed" L8 videos - but considering I purchased all the previous videos - is there enough new material on this new series to warrant buyng them?
It seems from some of the chapter titles that there is some duplication -
Just wanted to check with the source before I purchased.

thanks again for the great work.

Kevin Johnston
Orca Soumd
Hi Kevin,

Thanks so much for the positive feedback.

In terms of the new videos; the content is all 100% new and done fully in Logic 9. About two thirds of the actual material covered is more or less addressing similar functions that are in Logic 8. But about one third of it is new.

And the thing is, the one third new stuff is spread around over more than one third of the videos. The changes in Logic 9 are sometimes very subtle, and are spread all over different areas of the program. And in my opinion, these small improvements are as much the "flagship" features as Flex and Amp Designer are. In other words, even when covering basic material, like say the transport bar for example, there is new material in there covering the new stop button functionality.

There are plenty of new topics covered like the new take folder editing mode, convert to sampler instrument, bounce in place, flex time editing, marquee tool functionality, notes window, the new multi purpose pointer tool, speed fades, etc etc.

Personally, and honestly - this is not a sales pitch - I think it is worth getting the new videos. There is enough new material covered to make it interesting. And, to put it bluntly - they're better! My presentation chops are better than they were two years ago - with two years of training videos under my belt. :D

The presentation is smoother. Plus - I also firmly believe (I know this to be true for myself) that when trying to learn new complex software new like this, even seeing the same material presented differently, in a new context, is of value. It helps to drill in the basics. Not to mention that you might catch some small nuance in some subtle things that I've done slightly differently than before, that might be a bit of an ah ha moment. And those small "ah ha" moments are really what it is all about, IMHO, with these types of videos.
One additional thing I forgot to mention which may be of interest: The project files used for each of the (relevant) Logic 9 videos will also be available for download from the Groove3 site - which may be of interest to some users.