Logic Pro 8 Disengaging the Time Base.



I'm new to Logic (using version 8).
Something rather odd happened today.
I dragged a long loop into the Arrange page and used that as the basis for multiple vocal overdubs.
When the piece is played back from the beginning all is well.
However if playback is started from further into the song the vocals aren't in sync with the loop.
I presume this is something to do with the tempo track.
The original loop had no tempo indication. The song has an unassigned tempo of 95 b.p.m.
If the underlying tempo map can be disengaged would the song play in sync from anywhere?
In Cubase you can toggle the time base between "Musical" and "Linear".
In Linear mode changing the tempo of a song has no effect on the relative positions of the audio in a song.
Is there a way to do this in Logic?

Thanks in advance for help,
The original loop had no tempo indication. The song has an unassigned tempo of 95 b.p.m.
I don't know what an "unassigned" tempo is, but if you want one tempo for the whole song, then your global tempo track should be a straight line. If it isn't, delete everything there. And check the tempo in the transport bar to get sure that it is still at 95 BPM.
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No tempo map was set up. Do you have any idea why the song plays fine when started from the beginning through to end but if playback is started, say, half way through, the overdubbed audio is out of sync with the original loop imported to the Arrangement?
(this loop is about 2 minutes long by the way).
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I have no idea about a technical reason, sorry.

I would first open a fresh project using the default empty template, import the same loop, record a mic while tapping on it in sync with the loop. And then look if the same strange thing happens. If not, I would import the audio overdubs and check again.
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