Logic Pro 9 Distortion/Noise on Mixdown


Hello, all-

Started experiencing noise/distortion on mixdown. This seems to have begun since the upgrade to 10.6 (now 10.6.1) and Logic 9. I did a clean install of everything with 10.6 (super-clean, really - erased the hard drive and re-installed the OS and all apps) hoping that would minimize problems, but this is a new problem anyway.

All is fine when I mix internally in Logic. However, I mix some projects externally through a MOTU 2408mkII and digital mixer (Spirit 328). The A and B banks of the 2408 send 16 channels out from Logic to the mixer, and the C bank is used for the SPDIF return of the mix back into Logic. The clock master is a MIDI TimePiece A/V. This is the same arrangement I have used for years without trouble.

The external mixdowns back into Logic now sound quite...disastrous. It's not exactly the typical digital crackling. It's a combination of a sort of phasing distortion to the music, and a hum/hiss through the entire mix. Maybe there is some sort of audio feedback loop in Logic going on. Still, these same projects worked fine in Logic 8. The console has no extra inputs enabled, no live mics, etc. The mix sounds fine at the console, whether through speakers or headphones, so something is going wrong with the mix in on the way back into Logic.

Any advice would be much appreciated...

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You know what solved it for me right now was switching to a different sample rate(44.1) and then back to the original sample rate(88.2). Strange....
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