Logic Pro 9 distributed processing

Hi. I'm new to the site. Please can you tell me if there is any benefit to the way distributed may be used/accessed in Logic 9? I would like to continue to use a G5 as the main computer but maybe use a mac mini to add extra processing power. Are there any hard and fast rules to the best way of doing this?

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You should know that it applies to Logic's built in plug ins _excpet_ for the EXS 24 (and I'm not certain about Ultrabeat) and third party plugins - with the caveat that you must have them installed and authorized on both systems.

Also, you need to be running the matching version of the Logic and it's node application. And I believe the OS version needs to be the exact same on both computers - but I'm not 100% certain.
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The G 5 is used in a second studio. When doing certain remixes its run to its limits quite easily. I have two options. Buy a brand spanking new mac pro or try and get distributed processing working effectively with no problems. The cost saving in not getting a new mac pro would be big . After all I only need some more processing. I don't need all the rest of the stuff you get with a new computer.
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Is the G5 PPC or Intel?
If you haven't already, I'd recommend installing the maximum RAM your machine can take.
Also, try changing your workflow maybe - freezing tracks helps, and 'bounce-in-place' any midi tracks with lots of power hungry plugins, deleting the original midi tracks if it suits.
Also use aliases/clones of audio and midi regions when it suits...
In my experience though, I used to use a PPC G5 with 2Gb of RAM as my Logic machine, and it was a pain! Getting a basic Macbook with an Intel processor, maxed out with 4Gb of RAM answered all my prayers! : ) I have the G5 available as a node , but unless I start working on epic orchestral projects with dozens of tracks, I won't need it.
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Thanks for your help. My other studio has a mac pro and so the G5 feels so underpowered in comparison. But, as I say its only a power thing. The graphics ins and outs etc are all great.
I'm going to try with a mac mini to see what it does ( I have one anyway). If it doesnt give the grunt in the right way I'll have to go down a different route.
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