distructive region and sample editing


destructive region and sample editing

Please bring destructive editing back into the sample edit window by supporting audio units the way AudioSuite plugins used to work when Logic was being developed by Emagic.

Here's a brainstorm, but it applies to the destructive editing of Regions in the Arrange window. The irony is that my idea for this already exists in WaveBurner, software that lets you assign plugins to a selected region and quickly bounce them to the same exact position in the timeline-no additional steps necessary. As an additional option, the function could simultaneously disable and/or remove the plugins that were executed during the edit (like when you bounce a plugin mix within Bias Peak) so you can free up your DSP for the next destructive edit.

What I personally envision is an integration of this technique in the Logic Arrange window by adding this "WaveBurner" feature of handling Audio Units assigned to a specific selected region with the ability then to right-click on the region and apply those plugins by bouncing this "mini-mix" down to a new file in the asset folder and replacing the old region with the new one in the Arrange window in the exact same place as the original and then (optionally) removing the applied plugins automatically from the new region (and the entire project for that matter).

I'm gonna take this concept a step further for a second. Imagine this: You could have a "Region Track" appear next to the mixer tracks on the left side of the arrange window and build an FX chain there. Then at the bottom of the strip, in similar fashion to the bounce button on the output channels, you could have a button that "bounces" the region FX chain and optionally disables and/or removes the chain altogether. This would be incredible!

For clarification, I want to repeat a couple points I've already made: the file that replaces the Region in the Arrange window should be discretely saved as a NEW file in the project assets folder, safeguarding the original segment. Finally, the in-place bounce would include any extra tail from an applied reverb or similar plugin; it would remain in the new region file but the tail would be tucked behind the region that follows the inserted one. You can get at that reverb tail if you need it, but it would normally be cut off with a nondestructive crossfade by the region that follows it in the arrangement. If you need that reverb tail, you can then move that new comp to another track and extend the end of the new region to include the reverb tail.