Do I need to buy Amazing Slow Downer?

Hi All, very new member here, pretty new to Macs in general and totally new to Logic (just bought ProX). Before I owned a Mac I had a great bit of software called the AmazingSlowDowner, which I would use to slow down songs so I could work out guitar solos - without the pitch changing. I was considering buying this again for my Mac but I know what a clever bunch of tricks Logic is, so I wondered if there was a way of bringing a track from a CD into Logic then using Logic to slow it down without changing pitch. I admit it, I'm just being a skinflint and could just buy ASD again, but thought it was worth a punt beforehand. Thanks, JWD
Outstanding, Uwe, many thanks that works a treat and has just saved me £30 instead of buying ASD. So just in case there are any other total Logic numpties like myself out there who want to slow tunes down to learn solo, here is how it works ... (1) open project in Logic, (2) open iTunes, (3) drag your song file from iTunes into Logic a a new track, (4) click the varispeed button (looks like a +/- up on the control panel), (5) select the speed only option, (6) in the LCD display at the top change the speed to a minus value of your choice and play the solo as slow as you like ad ad nauseum until you nail it (the loop function is useful too).