Logic Pro 9 Do you buy EXS libraries?


Hi guys,

I have spent a lot of time building soundbanks for Reason and Kontakt. Would like to find out if it would be worth the time and effort to recreate some of these sounds for the EXS24. Do people in general have a good understanding of how to add sounds to the EXS library and is this format popular when purchasing 3rd party sounds? I am a bit concerned that it doesn't seem to be possible to create what Kontakt refers to as 'monolith' instruments, where samples and patches are merged into a a file 'container'; distributing the wavefiles doesn't feel so ideal for me, of natural reasons. On the other hand I would find it inspiring to program new sounds based on the EXS factory samples, or include such things in possible layers and so on, is that doable without having to copy those samples? As you can see, I've not fully familiarized myself with the EXS and the EXS community :) In Reason this is fully OK as Propellerhead thinks like me here; if you would release a patch bank for the D-50 for instance, you would of course be allowed to use its samples. Same thing for the NNXT, I can create a layered patch of my Fairlight or Synclavier recordings and incorporare strings from Reason's factory or orkester sound banks in my patches and the patch I make (and pack into a refill in this case) will point to the fsb or ork libraries that all other Reason users have. This possibility with the EXS would be neat - although it's not a demand as I have tons of my own samples to pick from. I wonder if Kontakt is common to have or if EXS is generally percieved as A-ok among Logic users as the go to sampler. I have been getting quite a few requests of doing an EXS library so that is why I ask. Also, is it backwards compatible so that the patches would work for L8 users as well? I don't feel so much like converting as I've found the results can be pretty unpredictable. Also I have a Translator license from 100 years back but they have been hard to deal with since I would have to send in the CD to update. Pretty unpractical since I am in Sweden and the CD is somewhere in one of several boxes of 100s of discs... :) I think I'd rather create an EXS library from scratch, just building patches on what I have recorded. Many thoughts... lots of appreciation for feedback. :) Best / Patrick


I always buy the EXS version of a library if it is available. I have Kontakt, but find EXS _much_ quicker and easier to use.
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