Logic Pro 9 Do you know Gobbler?

I haven't tried their service yet. But I did meet and have dinner at NAMM with some of the crew from Gobbler. And I have to say, they are a very sharp personable bunch who seem eager to help in any way they can.

They seem particularly dedicated to the needs of the audio community. Just the fact that they were at NAMM says something about that! They are hip to the needs of users like us needing to reconcile and consolidate various types of assets.

And they told me that Gobbler is set up not only to keep track of all the various types of assets, but also to do incremental updates when working back and forth with large sessions while keeping track of all the various assets at the same time. This could be a HUGE advantage for "us". I am eager to try them out, I just haven't had the opportunity yet.

Judging by how sharp, attentive and eager these guys were, I think they are a company to keep our eyes on. (No, I am not affiliated with them in any way!)
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