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I've just started using Logic Pro 9. It's a large and complex program and has (for me, at least) a steep learning curve, even though I've used this kind of software before. The supplied documentation doesn't really seem to help me learn how to use the program, although it's useful for looking things up - when I know what it is I'm looking for.

I think this might be because the documentation is feature based, and because there is usually more than one way of doing things, it quickly becomes a kind of list - different ways to open different editing windows, for example. And I quickly space out.

What I'm looking for is Task Based information - how to edit Midi in the arrange window, for example. "Exploring Logic Pro" takes this approach, but it doesn't have much depth, although it's a pretty good starter.

Is there a book, or other resource, similar to "Exploring Logic Pro", but covering the program in more detail? Tutorial rather than reference, so to speak.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I'm in much the same position you are in: very new to Logic, though very familiar with working with similar DAWs; steep learning curve.

I found the Groove3 video tutorials very useful (www.groove3.com). I'm following those while reading "Logic Pro 9 Power!" by Kevin Anker and Orren Merton. This is much more a reference than a tutorial, but it is a very clear and well laid out reference.

In some ways the Groove3 tutorials are rather basic (but in some ways, I need rather basic), but combining it with reading "Logic Pro 9 Power!" I'm getting through the learning curve far faster.

Hope that helps.
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I recommend either of the Groove 3 stuff, or the Mac Pro Video, I also want to point out David Nahmini's Apple Pro Training Series: Logic Pro 9 and Logic Express 9. I have done some work in the past with David, and have bought out of this book for him. I have found it to be an awesome tool, and even though I have created a couple of older Logic tutorials myself (Logic 6...) I have still learned many new things from this book, as well as it's follow up.

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Thanks for all your suggestions. I'll check out Nahmini's book. Books are more my speed than videos. Something about paper...
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