Does Anyone Here Use Sibelius?


I know this is a Logic Pro X group which is what I also use but, I have a Sibelius question if anyone uses it here. I recently upgraded from Mojave to Catalina. After I open Sibelius the Quick Start menu opens which I usually don't use. After Quick Start opens I go to the upper left hand corner where it says: Sibelius File Edit Window Help. I click on File then scroll down to Open which I click on. A window opens which says Scores. I click on the little down arrow where i says Scores and a window opens which says Sibelius - Scores. This window contains all the titles of my scores. When I click any name, the score opens and I see my full arrangement. That's what I used to do before I upgraded to Catalina. Now when I click on a score title nothing happens. My score does not open. Not a good feeling. Would anyone here know how I can fix this? I know I could find another way of opening my scores, but this method is so easy and quick. So thank you any Sibelius users.