Don´t Work with Reason 4


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Hello, I'm Victor de Portugal
Just arrived from Thomann Store my Euphonix MC Control and I am not able to put it to work
I have an iMac 27-inch 3.06GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM - 2x2GB running the new version of Snow Leopoard 10.6
The CD that came in the box was Eucon with version 1.2.5, installed it and failed with Reason 4 so I went to Euphonix website and I download the latest version 2.5.2 with the size of 202 mb and I updated the latest firmware but still can not make it work with Reason 4, I did everything that said in using the Manual MACKIE CONTROL Eucon of the icon appears with a green light from the menu bar.
For example:
- When I use a Mac application (Finder, iCal, Safari, etc. ..) in the touchscreen of the checklists in Section MC Soft Keys automatically pops up the functions that I use with the chosen application but when I turn on Reason 4 does not work
Another thing I can say is that the bar transport faders, assign, solo, on buttons and knobs do not work, only when I reset the MC CONTROL is that the lights are connected briefly
- What am I doing wrong, my purpose in buying the MC Control was to control Reason 4 (faders, transport bar) and not to control the applications on the Mac as (iCal or Finder)