Don't just display an arpeggio symbol in Score Editor- arpeggiate the MIDI chord!


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When I insert an articulation symbol in the Score Editor, I wish it had parameters for actually arpeggiating the chord (once) during playback. As it is, If I want to show a block chord next to an arpeggio symbol I only hear a block chord on playback. If I want to hear an arpeggio on playback I have to notate as a broken chord. I suppose I could duplicate the track and change one to have a broken chord, unmuted. Then lower the volume to 0 on all notes for the track that's visible in the score, but that seems a lot less elegant.


Jay Asher's book, Scoring with Logic pro, gives a great piece of advice. Have one version of your project that sounds good. Another that looks good on paper. In fact two extra versions, one for full scores and one for parts.