Double the voltage



I created 2 audio tracks and inserted the test oscillator on both tracks, both plug-ins had exactly the same settings sine/1000Hz/-12dB. If I muted one of the plug-ins the master bus read -12dB, as I suspected it would, but when I un muted the other the master bus read -5.9dB? I'm confused, if I double the voltage (I assume that's what this is emulating) then I should get a rise of 6dB correct? What am I missing here? :confused:

This level indication isn't a precision instrument. My output shows -5.9 too but an inserted Logic level meter shows -6.0 and Inspector XL shows -5.97. My Spectre isn't connected at the moment.

You posted in the "Mastering" forum. For mastering I wouldn't trust a DAWs level indications but rather go for specialized software like Spectre or Spectrafoo. Or stay well below the limit ;)