Logic Pro 7 & earlier Downright cowardice.

Longer ago than I care to admit I purchased Logic Studio. The booklet "getting started" says Logic 7 but the rest of the documentation says Logic Pro 8? For reasons manifold I never loaded it - preferring to use Logic Express 7 which I already possessed. However the embedded sound samples are so awful that I eventually plucked up courage to load the "new???" software. I run an iMac G5 with OSX 10.4.11 chipped to to 2G. The set up assistant says I'm short of memory and to custom install. I don't know what to leave out. I'm principally interested in composing and arranging so the notation side is paramount ( I refuse to use Sibelius) but I'd also like high quality sound samples to use. I don't do much live recording and manipulation so basic effects are sufficient. What shall I load??
I believe the memory thing is actually regarding ram. How much does your system have. Also, how big is your system drive?

As for drive space, you can forget the music beds and sound effects install stuff, takes about 15 plug gig, all garbage unless you do soundtracks and want something to steal ;-))
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