Logic Pro 9 DP5 Audio Cuts Vs. Logic 9


In DP5, when I would want to edit out a single note in a track, I would drag the area in question and press command-x for cut. It would not heal the track, just leave the silence where I had cut. Then you could perform another action to combine the two or more pieces into one single track, including the silence where the cut was made.

I've done quite a bit of digging and think I've found the proper/easy way to do this in Logic.

I clicked "split at playhead" in the arrange window both before and after the note I want to remove. Then I highlighted and cut the section between the two splits. Then I "bounced in place".

It gave me the result I was looking for and was used to in DP5. Is this the way to do it in Logic??

Hi Skip,

Check out the Marquee tool. It's a powerhouse of functionality. In your case, you can just swipe across the area in the Arrange Window with it. The area will be highlighted and you can just hit the delete key.

In terms of merging it to one file after the fact while still preserving the silence, there are several ways you can do it. Bounce in place is fine. But you might find the plain old vanilla "merge regions" commands simpler and more straight forward. The default key command, if you are using the US set, is control and =.

But, if I am understanding what you want to do correctly, there is an even simpler way. Open your region in the Sample Edit window. Find the area you want to remove and select it there. Then from within the Sample Edit window, use the "silence" command found under the functions menu. This should effectively do everything you want all in one step. Your selection will get silenced. Your original file length is preserved and so there is no need for any further merging or bouncing.
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A major difference between DP and Logic is that to DP, all your audio and MIDI is just recorded audio or MIDI notes on a track lane. You have phrases in the track overview, but those aren't "really" part of the track, just a visualization tool. In Logic, however, all of your audio and MIDI is contained inside regions, and it is those regions that you see on the track lane in the Arrange.

When you talk about "a single note" do you mean in a MIDI editor such as the Piano Roll editor? This editor is editing what is inside the MIDI region, not the region itself. In the Piano Roll editor, you can simply drag over a note to select it, and then press the delete key (or Control + X to cut, if you want). That will remove the note from within the MIDI region itself; your region borders will not be affected at all. You can obviously only edit MIDI in the MIDI editors.

If you are in the Arrange editor and want to remove a note from the track by editing the region borders? The best way to do what you want to do is to use the Marquee tool; this tool allows you to drag the cursor over a part of a region, turning that area into a new region. So you would drag the marquee tool over the area in question, and when a new region is created, delete it. This is equivalent to what you're doing with splitting at the playhead, but much quicker. (See page 377 in the manual for more on the Marquee tool)

I think you'll find that Logic uses some different paradigms from Digital Performer, and you'll be better off learning the way Logic does things.

Hope that helps,
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You are a wealth of knowledge. Thank you. I was successful with most that you suggest. "Silence" in the sample edit window works like a charm. The Marquee tool is indeed a great tool as well.

Trying to use the "merge regions" command (control =) while in the arrange window, I had a different result. It did give me a complete track of the original length but actually gave me the original audio region. My cuts were no longer there. I must have done something wrong.

Whatever the case, I understand better. Thank you.

It is a bit of a frustrating process to attempt to convert my existing DP5 knowledge into useful Logic 9 skills. I am an avid Sibelius user, although I use Finale as well. I am all too aware of limited overlap of functions and shortcuts.

Any tips on remembering whether things are a shift, option, command or a control before the second key. I have some charts from David's publication that I should copy, print and post next to the monitor.

Getting there...
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Hey Skip,

Glad it helped. In terms of remembering key commands; there are no shortcuts (okay, I know - bad pun:))

Try this though:

Open the key commands window
Set the view menu to "used"
Under the Options menu, choose "copy key commands to clip board"
Open a word processor (Word?) and paste them in
Format to your liking and print them out
Tape them up in your bathroom - so you can look them over and study them at least once a day :)
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Trying to use the "merge regions" command (control =) while in the arrange window, I had a different result. It did give me a complete track of the original length but actually gave me the original audio region. My cuts were no longer there. I must have done something wrong.

This is a quirk in Logic. You'll need to do something to one of the regions, it could as simple as change the length slightly or for sure go to audio>convert regions to new audio files. You just need to do one region, then it will merge/bounce everything as a new file.... Hmm thinking out loud, you should be able to do bounce in place as well, although I haven't tried that.
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Interesting Doug. Bounce in place does work. That's where I started but was looking for a simpler or better way. Thanks also to Orren. Still digesting all you wrote.
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Hey, another plug for the great Logic tutorials at groove3.com! Well worth the $29/month rental fee which will allow you to see ALL the videos on the site. I'm renting them again this month (have rented 2 other times in the past). I'm also coming from DP and use Logic as my main DAW now.
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Rent? Where? I did go to the site. Are there any youtube demos to give me an idea of what they look like before I purchase? I've already purchased David's book. Can't think of his name right now.
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David's last name is Nahmani. The book is an excellent resource.

Regarding Groove3's videos (which are also excellent resources - but they sell my products, so this could be considered biased):

To "rent" - while you're on the main page look at first item in categories column, click on All-Access Pass. In that window there is a pop up menu in the upper right. It says Price and defaults to "select option"

To view free videos - main page, select Logic category (I assume that's what you want). On Logic page, go to any video that interests you by clicking on it and in the new window, upper right click on the "sample video" tab. There will be one or two videos to view for free.

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Well, if you're OK with self-promotion....

If you do get an all-access pass, check out my Logic Operator series for a detailed look at the Marquee tool. It's really a great working tool. While done with Logic 8, the only updates I can think of in Logic 9 are that you can dbl click and cut a region (like using the scissors tool) and resizing selection using shift key modifier works either inside or outside the selection (It was klutzy in 8). Also Flex wasn't around, so its features there are not explained, but Eli looks at that with his Flex Time series.
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