Logic Pro 9 Drag & Drop Regions Problem

Voice Man

Running LE9. I have two projects open. I want to drag and drop a region from project A's arrange area into an open track on Project B's arrange area. Project B already contains numerous tracks occupied by regions. Problem: when I drag the region over from A to the open track on B, the region will often end up in one of B's occupied tracks, and not the open one I desire. Sometimes the dragged region will cover an existing region on B. I've tried hiding all occupied B tracks and muting them, too, but it doesn't make any difference. BTW same problem with copy and paste. The A regions are vocals and sound effects, no MIDI or loops. Any ideas on how to make a clean export/import?
Thanks Guys,
As I mentioned, copy and paste yields the same result. I guess I'm stuck with manually adjusting the regions. This will be a bitch because of the large number of tracks in Project B. Oh well. One alternative is to bounce the tracks on Project A into an mp3 and drag that into B, however, mp3's don't have the quality of the original recording. Requires follow up EQing which I'm not that good at.

-- Voice Man
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