Logic Pro 9 Drum comp question (slicing)


Im a new logic user.. An ex pro tools user and of course there are things i am use to from the pro tools opperation .. Is it possible to group all drum tracks and do slicin to whete it will slice ANother take all together?

I would like to know if its possible instead of doing it track by track?
Hmm, I haven't been cutting the regions. All the editing has been moving flex markers around. It took me quite a while to figure out how to work with it. The phase shift is subtle. At first I didn't think too much about it. I just thought the drummer had missed. But compared to the original it's night and day. All the snare hits are dead on. With quantization on some hits basically disappear. When I solo listen to the individual tracks they're fine.
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Did you check your Q Reference tracks in the sample editor and adjust the sensitivity of the transient detection grid properly. This part is crucial for getting good results. You may need to go in and adjust some of the transient markers manually.

Also, depending on the material, don't forget to play with the Q Range parameter when you are quantizing. This is necessary in order to exclude certain notes from having quantization applied to them. Try a value of 1/32 to start with in the Q Range parameter and experiment from there.
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Ok, I'll look into that. In the end what I did was make a bounced guide track of the kik and the snare. I manually edited the transient markers in the sample editor so that only the relevant markers were left. Then I used that track as the only reference track for the quantization. This actaully worked. The drums were perfectly quantized to a 16th note. The only remaining problem was that the phase relationships got randomly messed up. Sometimes OK, sometimes not.
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