Logic Pro 9 Drum folder workflow?


I'm revisiting a way of keeping my unedited take folders of live drums available "just in case" after I flatten them by packing their tracks into a folder, duplicating the folder and then editing only the drums in one of the folders, leaving one "untouched." This does not work. After I flatten the drum tracks within one of the folders and then look at the duplicate folder, the duplicate folder is corrupt. Here's a screen shoot of the safety folder. When you open the drums you see the various takes but there's no way to do any swiping as they're all "active." Is this just a bug or am I asking too much of the software?

Now, the only thing I can really think to do is to just do a normal "save as" and have that guy readily available so that I can import the unflattened original drums from there in case of emergency. Do you guys have any tricks for this kind of thing? Ideally it would be nice to have playlists ala pro tools that we can just revert back to easily but I know that's not an option.


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OK, so I think I just answered my own post.....

I just choose the option to "export active comp to new track" and viola...all the drums exported together as they're in a group. I still have my original comp track just in case I need to redo the comp and start over. Also, as far as I can tell, this just makes a new region and not a new audio file so it doesn't make the project size any bigger, correct? George?
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