Drum Libraries for EXS24


I've just recently made the switch from PC to Mac/Logic.

Long story short: I was familiar w/ Logic (3.5 to the last revision on PC). After years of using a bunch of apps and all the plug-in formats and incompatibilities between plugins and this and that, I wanted something as streamlined and yet as versatile and powerful as possible, and, for my needs, the obvious answer was Logic Express. And I'm just so glad I made the move. My initial plan of of transitioning gradually and maybe using Bootcamp for a while was history after an hour.

Having explored all the bundled goodness, the only thing which I'm thinking of enhancing to suit my needs for now is the acoustic drums library. I'm familiar w/ the dedicated VSTi's and 3rd party AU plugins out there, but I'd really prefer to stay away from that stuff and if possible, stick w/ what I have in Logic and maybe just buy sample libraries for EXS24.

Would you folks have any pointer? I'm looking for rock drums libraries, ranging from classic rock sounds to more modern/aggressive/tight. Are there nice libraries in EXS24's native format, or in some format that it can import or is Chickensys translator the way to go?

Also, since I usually don't go for full-blown traditional sort of drum tracks, but rather elements of such kits that I splice w/ other sort of samples, I'm not necessarily looking for your typical 30GB library.

Thanks in advance and sorry if this (most certainly) was asked before.


Thanks. :)
I was wondering bout Jam Pack and was considered ordering it this week but it didn't seem available on Apple's Canadian site. On the list next time I go out to my Apple store...
I'll check out Big Fish Audio too.
And thanks for the echochamber link! I had downloaded samples and impulse from them ages ago but somehow lost the link and couldn't remember...