Logic Pro 8 Drum loops


Can I alter the relationship between the sample speed and the song tempo?
I'd like to be able to halve- or double-tempo the default loop

There should be a setting for half/double/normal tempo in the parameter box. I sent this as a feature request to Apple, but it has not made it into 9. Hope they do add it in a minor update as it can't be that hard to program. It would open up quick experimental avenues for apple loops.
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Don't say if you're using Apple Loops, nor what version of Logic. But, you can do this by using the resize pointer - go to bottom right corner and option/drag loop to half its length. If Apple Loop, deselect the follow tempo box in the region parameters first. You'll be asked to make a new file. Alternately you can create a new audio file (non-Apple Loop) before you change region length.

Your pre-selected time-stretch algorithm can affect quality. It's under Arrange menu audio.

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