Logic Pro 9 Drum Maps? Using an Old School Drum Machine


I've got an old Yamaha drum machine that I want to use simply for performance. I've got it hooked up to Logic and it works fine except the kick button isn't the kick etc.

How can I fix this problem? I remember in Cubase you would do up a new Drum Map and the problem was solved. Not so easy in Logic by the looks of it. Any ideas or thorough links?

Doug Zangar

There is a mapped instrument in Logic you can use - can't remember the last time I used it for an external instrument.... but I think this should work.

Create a mapped instrument in your environment and cable it to the object that is representing the MIDI output to your drum machine. Then assign the mapped object to the track that has the drum part. Don't forget to do your mapping - done!
If you look in the Yamaha manual, see if there is a general midi setup, and use that.

If not, the mapped instrument as a drum will work as well, I've actually used it in the past to reconfigure a roland drum kit to an exs drum kit I used. Worked like a charm!

Pete Thomas

Staff member
I was always under the impression that a mapped instrument is purely for score display purposes, e.g. the snare drum is actually on a D1 (for examples) but shows on the score as C.

Doug Zangar

Well, it certainly works for that.

But it should work for the function MowingDevil requested. I just tested a quick setup - ran it through a software instrument with the external instrument. Logic's MIDI out clearly showed the mapping worked.