Logic Pro (X) Drum Mix when converting to Audio


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Okay, so I finally - after much difficulty and watching UTube videos - have figured out how to put drum sounds from my Maschine into logic and have each individual sound on separate strips. Now I can edit each sound, soloing each when I want and adjust accordingly. My question is: When I bounce the drum region to audio will the mix go with it? So I'll get what I've been working on or will it be raw midi or whatever? (You can tell I'm a newbie.)

When you use the bounce Project or Section function, everything that is flowing through Logic's internal audio stream and arriving at the specific physical output that you are bouncing will get captured.


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Not necessarily. It's not really a yes or no type of question. You'll find there are several ways to skin a cat in Logic.

In your case, I wouldn't suggest it, if it is just the MIDI drum tracks you want to render.Instead, you can use the Bounce Track In Place option from that same bounce menu.

Make sure to pay attention to the checkboxes I have indicated on the second screen shot attached here to specifically include or exclude the effects you have in place, any potential automation, and if you want them bounced as separate tracks or all together as one.


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