Logic Pro X Dual monitors/window arrangement won't save


With a dual monitor setup, I'm used to having the arrange window full sized in my left screen, and the mixer and piano roll window sharing my right screen. No matter what I do, when I reopen any project, everything is jumbled together in the right monitor, and I have to manually move the windows to their preferred positions.

This seems silly, but it's really annoying. Any ideas?


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Hi there

Perhaps posting some system details would help people get some ideas as to what your problem is, and in turn, enable and encourage them to offer some help. As it is, not knowing anything about someones system often makes it impossible to be able to make any sort of qualified comment. If you are unsure about what I mean, take a minute to read this:


Rule 4 is especially important!

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Okay. System info up in my sig line.

For what it's worth, I'm far from a noob. Been working in ProTools since the late 90's. Ran a small commercial studio in the MidWest for about 8 years. Closed up shop and moved out West a couple years ago. Wound up working with a few guys who used Logic, and since I'm a long time Mac user, I thought I'd make the switch. Had 9 for about two weeks when 10 came out and just upgraded about a month ago. Loving it so far, but finding some of the terminology a little quirky compared to what I'm used to.

And little things like this issue.

I've been through the manual, but nothing seems to remedy the situation, so I thought perhaps it was some little obvious thing that I was missing.

Clearly it's not stopping me from working, but whenever I open something it just feels better if everything were exactly like I left it, you know?

Anyway, sorry if I was vague. Please let me know if I need to amend my sig line to include anything else. Thanks for your input!
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Colin Shapiro


Logic X seems to be very "forgetful" when it comes to remembering window positions in general.

I use one 30" monitor and often when I open a saved project, all the windows in screenset 1 are squashed up at the top left of the screen, as if to fit into a smaller monitor. To make things worse, when I change to another screenset, then go back to screenset 1, this often happens again.

I have reported this problem to Apple repeatedly since Logic 10.0.0 but the problem remains in 10.0.6

Please send in a bug report to Apple and maybe they'll fix it in an update:
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