Logic Pro 9 Duplicate function in Logic Pro?


I am getting back up to speed after being away from Logic for a couple of years. In the mean time I was working more in Pro Tool and Cubase. One of the most common editing commands is duplicate. Select a region and press "D" and the region is duplicated with a copy flush to the right edge of the old region. The same thing is Cmd-D in PT.

In Logic I can't find something like that. Cmd-C followed by Cmd-V is close but the copies wind up all over the place, not right next to where you are working. Repeat is close, but it calls up a dialog box so you need to do Cmd-R, enter 1, return.

Is there a single key duplicate command in Logic 9 that I can't find.


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Have you tried alt -click-hold and dragging the region you want to copy? That would be the standard method in Logic.

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Cmd-R or Option-drag the region

I guess Cmd-R is duplicate. (Ok you need 2 keystrokes instead of one.)
1 copy is the default so u don't have to write that, just confirm.
You can assign any key-command you like.
Or just option-drag the region, that's what a prefer, very handy.


have you checked out the key command called "Repeat Regions/Events..."?
AFAIR the default setting is one copy only, and "Auto" (adjustment). On my Mac it's set to Alt+R, but the factory default could be different.

You could also use the Loop Tool and "paint" a duplicate on the right side of your region, but that would give in a slightly different result.


Thanks for the quick replies. All of these are good ideas. I think "Repeat Regions/Events..." is probably my best bet. The reason I like this approach is that I want to minimize drag operations. That is why I don't prefer the option drag or loop drag approaches.

I have developed problems with my wrist from using the mouse too much. Now I use the MacBook track pad and even though I can avoid dragging completely, I prefer to find ways to cut that down. The less drag operations, the longer I can keep editing and recording before I have to stop.

What I did today was program a key macro on the Euphonix MC Transport to do this:
Cmd-R (to open Repeat Regions dialog)
1 (to set the number of repeats to 1)
Return ( to Ok and close the dialog)

This effectively simulates the Duplicate function. The only downside is that the dialog box flickers up on the screen each time.

Thanks for the quick replies!