Logic Pro 9 duplicate sampler instruments?


I notice that some of the instruments in:

library/Application support/garageband/instrument library/Sampler/Sampler instruments


library/Application support/logic/Sampler instruments/(folder)/(instrument)

are identical apart from the creation dates.

Can I safely delete one of those folders completely, and if so, which? and will both GB and L9 find whichever the alternative is once one of the quarries has been emptied?

Yea, I agree. Deleting a folder will open up allot of issues. I am pretty sure that the content of both of these folders are not exactly the same.

Also, if you do this, you will have to reindex the one you keep, or you end up with errors every time you open up a loop or instrument that is no longer in the same location.

George Leger III
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I decided to act before reading your replies as I was getting 'out of memory' warnings and my main drive was getting rather full.

So I checked my main drive/sample drive Apple loops folders and deleted the oldest set ( and replaced it with an Alias of the external folder just in case). Not too bothered if I lose items as I rarely use loops - and in any case, when I looked in my media browser, there seemed to be a complete complement of loops.

I'll leave the instrument libraries where they are :)

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