Dynamic Delay in Logic Express?


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Hey everyone, first time poster here...thanks to everyone for some informative subjects!

My question is...I've been trying to get David Gilmour's delay set-up. Specifically from "Run Like Hell" off the "Wall" Album.

He uses a TC-Electronics 2290 dynamic delay which produces a sort of "ducking" effect. Here is an excerpt from a website that goes a bit deeper into what I am trying to reproduce in Logic Express...

I know if its possible in Logic Express, someone on this forum will know!

"RUN LIKE HELL - This is one of the standout tracks from Pink Floyd's The Wall double album, with music written by David Gilmour. It had a a very unique sound due to the fact that David was playing in triplet time with a delay. It sounds very complex because the delay is filling in and creating a guitar rhythm in between the notes David does not play. David could play a chord while the delay rhythm repeated, and jump back to the delay rhythm before the repeats stopped, almost as if there were two guitars playing. It takes some practice, and you have to be very precise with your timing or you can easily get out of step with the song tempo. The delay time also needs to be precisely in time with the song tempo. David has stated he used two delays for the studio recording of Run Like Hell, likely the MXR Digital Delay System 1. The main 3/4 time delay is 380ms, or what David calls "triplet" time. The 3/4 delay equates to 126.7ms x 3 = 380.1 ms. I don't know exactly what the second 4/4 time delay time was, but I have used roughly 507ms for a 4/4 feel, or one repeat every beat. You can also set it to 254ms, which gives three repeats for every beat and adds a shorter double tap sound to the main 380ms delay. That delay time breaks down to exactly 126.7ms x 4 = 506.8ms. The second delay thickens space between the main delay repeats, creating a huge delay rhythm. You may also want to try setting the second delay at 760ms, double the triplet time delay (380x2 = 760ms). Sort of a triplet on top of a triplet time delay. This creates sort of a bouncy feel to the delay rhythm."


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