Easier faster plugin accessability - PLEASE!!


Why hasn't Logic yet introduced a plug-in browser?
The hierarchical menu/list approach to loading a plug-in is just so so so time consuming and problematic.
Every time you want to change from say a compressor to a limiter, or change delay types (Tape Delay to Delay Designer) or swap to try a Flanger instead, you have to trawl down that dreadful little list, followed by a sub-list, often sliding off the side of the list if you're in a rush, causing you to have to start the whole process again.
It's even more of a nightmare with 3rd Party Plugs.
Why can't we have a collection of plug-ins in a Browser, stacked with the other browsers on the right hand side of the screen??
With a similar approach to the Logic Pedal Board, which is great once you've trawled through the lists to choose it. Maybe the browser could have a choice of colourful graphic buttons of the plugs(like the pedal board) or a bog standard list.
The current approach is so out of date and so fiddly and time consuming.


i love the categories like Pro-tools
the best would be the ability to create custom categories so everyone can set its workflow as desired


I've been wanting this for years. We need to be able to create keywords (metadata) for each plugin (they each could have multiple keywords) that is easier to access then the current list of 3rd party plugins. I was pretty annoyed with Apple put their plugins at the root and put all 3rd party plugins in a sublist.

Current workaround: I am getting faster at using them, however. Once I open the Audio Unit's list, I type the first few letters of the vendor and the same for the actual plugin. It saves a ton of scrolling (I have hundreds of audio units).


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been wanting this for years.

we should be able to change the default EQ plug-in, too. (the EQ that initiates when you double-click the EQ icon).



Now that you mention it, I'd like the option to disable the autoloading EQ and display altogether. I've already done so in my templates, of course; but a global preference would be nice.