Logic Pro 9 Easy answer


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Sorry for the lack of lingo...

When activated, the green bar (cycle range?) at the top of the Logic window either follows a manually set range or it changes to the exact length of a region or section of recorded stuff. Is there a setting I can change so the green bar doesn't change its length when I click on a region?


Yes, disable Auto Set Locators - either with a key command or by control clicking in the upper part of the bar ruler.


In general when trying to figure out stuff like this your first course of action should be right-click (or control-click if you either don't have 2-button mouse, or you have assigned right-click in Logic to NOT open the shortcut menu but do other stuff).

In software that I don't understand at first, right-click has been by far the number one way I have figured stuff out.... the manual comes second place and posing questions to other users comes third. And even though I started using Logic in 1993, right-click is STILL something I do, not necessarily because it's convenient, but because I actually don't remember how to do something.... and 18 years later I discover something I didn't know about every once and a while.