Logic Pro 9 editing a imported track/song


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Hi..new to all this.So here s the first of many questions.

When i import a song to logic. Is it possible to edit the track. ie if i import a track with tabla and sarangi in it . Is it possible to delete the tabla part so just to have the sarangi part?

Can anyone tell me step by step how it is done.

thanks in advance

Depends: are they mixed together in a stereo mix, or are the parts on a single track but panned hard left for one, and hard right the other?

If they are mixed, you could try with EQ or editing to try and remove the notes you don't want, but generally it's a pain that doesn't work very well for the huge amount of effort.

If it is 2 tracks panned left and right, use the Left/Right selector at the bottom of the tracks fader in the inspector. When the track is enabled and has data on it, you can choose to hear stereo, or either the left or right mono tracks. Hold it down where the stereo icon is (the lower part of the fader below the meter) and press and hold to bring up the menu that selects one or the other.