Logic Pro X Editing glitch in Piano Roll


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Markdvc and Pete Thomas were so helpful with my last problem, I'm going to forge ahead with my next logic beef. I should have done this a long time ago: probably save myself some tooth enamel.

This one is in the piano roll split in the arrange page, that you get to by double-clicking on a midi sequence.

When you lasso a bunch of midi note events, if the top or bottom one happens to be out-of-frame, and you continue up to grab the rest of them, no matter how hard you try, the screen will shoot uncontrollably up or down several octaves, and you have to climb back out of it to get back to where you were.

This has only been true since logic X. Is there any way to correct this?


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Hmm, how exactly are you doing this - care to tell us a little about your setup, hardware, software etc? Here, using LPX 10.5.1 in OSX 10.14.6 on a (now ancient) Mac Pro 6 core 5.1 with an equally ancient logictech mouse, I can lassoo and scroll out of the visible part of the piano roll without the sort of mayhem you describe breaking out, but do have to be careful, it can be a little "sticky" and if you drag rapidly over the border of the piano roll window, things will move rather fast. Having been working pretty much only in LPX since 2013, I'm probably used to it by now.
In terms of UI performance, my long standing issue is the snail like speed changing screensets since we moved to OSX. I still miss the instant response I used to enjoy on my now 20 year old self built PC running LAWP 5.5.1...

kind regards