Logic Pro X Editing Sustain Inputs Mixer in Piano Roll Editor Missing


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Looking for advice/help on how I can modify the sustain pedal inputs on a recording I've made. I've looked online for some tutorials to do this - it seems you need to use the mixer on the piano roll in the editor window. Strangely enough I don't have the mixer tool and I've looked high and dry to find it, thinking that preferences might help has drawn a blank. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Logic pro X to see if that would help, and it hasn't.

How can I modify sustain inputs without the mixer tool?

How can I find the mixer tool that should be in the Piano Roll Editor window?

Any help would be appreciated.


In the piano roll view there should be 3 "tabs" - "Piano Roll", "Score", and "Step Editor". Step Editor may be what you want to use. You could also use the "Event List" which will show you the sustain pedal "action". To change the length of the sustain you move the "sustain off" (controller 64, value 0) or the "sustain on" (controller 64, value 127).

You could also change the note lengths - "Convert Sustain Pedal to Note Length" which would help if you are going to be doing lots of editing of your MIDI data...


Don't know what "mixer tool" refers to. Can't you just edit sustain events in the Piano Roll editor in the automation lane just like any other controller?