Logic Pro 9 Emagic AMT8 Power Supply


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I'm new to these forums, so if this is posted in the wrong place please let me know.

I have an old Emagic AMT8 that I dug out of storage so I can use it again with some new MIDI gear. I don't seem to have the right power supply (9V AC 900mA) and vaguely remember it working on 9V DC without issue.

Does anyone KNOW if it'll run on 9V DC instead of AC, before I accidentally fry another piece of kit? :tongue:

Interested from someone who's actually done it.

Cheers all.
I'm not in front of my AMT 8 right now, but will have a look at the PSU specs later and post them here. I seriously doubt that using an DC unit instead of AC (or vise versa) will work - the chances are, you may indeed end up frying your device.

kind regards

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Hi, Ether...

I have three Unitors, and checked the wall wart for two of them. Both had labels that were stamped "Unitor" and rated at 900mA and 9vAC, which you already knew.

I am thinking you should make the effort to find a used power supply, rather than risk frying your AMT8. I never paid too much attention to those little power supplies, and I appreciate your bringing their AC output to my attention.
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Thanks both for checking.

In the end I bought a new 9vAC wall wart with a 1 AMP rating and all is good. Well, no smoke yet anyway :)
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