Logic Pro 8 Emergency! Random Audio Drop-Outs in Logic 8.0.2, please help!


I've got a deadline and my Logic Pro 8 is acting up as a mo-fo!

The problem is this:

The last couple of productions there have been random audio drop-outs all over the place. Tracks have mysteriously just dropped out and then back in whenever they damn please, which makes the project a fest of brutal randomness, and it sounds awful. I can't even bounce track by track cause the track will just drop out whenever.

Example: I work almost exclusively with audio (.aiff). The song works fine up until the chorus when the bass suddenly disappears. Then it kicks in again after a few beats, and then maybe a few harmonies in the vocals decide not to sing anymore. Suddenly It's just a kick and a boy choir, and then all at once kicks in again. It curls my skin.

I do use a lot of plug-ins, but it shouldn't really make any difference as I'm on a MacBook Pro 2,6ghz, 4gb RAM and with a 7200rpm built in HDD. And it's only recently that this has started happening.

I've done everything i know and in my power to fix this:
* Deleting the logic.pro.plist
* Repair Disk/Repair Disk Permissions
* Start up cold with the CMD+ALT+P+R-combo
* Increased buffer size
* Tried the project from both built in and external HDD
* Tried the project with both built in audio and with my Apogee Duet
* Erased tracks to the point it shouldn't be a problem anymore, but it still is.
* Finally I got sick of it all today and I re-formatted my MacBook Pro, started from scratch and installed Logic and thought a fresh start would do the trick. IT DIDN'T! IT'S STILL HAPPENING!

Anybody know what's going on? And most importantly, how to fix it?? This is an emergency, and my future may well depend on the deadline I'm approaching rapidly (next Thursday, man oh man). ANY help would be immensely appreciated, and whoever helps me fix this will be my hero for a lifetime!

Thank you so much in advance for any help on this!

Best Regards
/Stefan Almqvist
will all the tracks thru play with no plug-ins? ( ie just raw audio)
what 3rd party plugs do you use?( take them out of the project. does it play thru now?)

what about if you copy all the tracks to a new blank project? play thru then?

im trying to figure out if it may be a corrupt session.. or a dodgy 3rd party plug
I'm sure it would play if I copied all the tracks to a new project as it's not more than 72 tracks, but I'm willing to try of course! I've done almost everything else at this point, it seems like saving this mix is hopeless. What do I do, export tracks? I can't even bounce them one by one cause of the drop-outs.

Still I have a feeling the problem will return in the next mix as it has in the last three. The weirdest thing about it is that if i solo say 4 tracks and run them 4 beats, maybe 3 of them will drop out after like 3 beats, only to drop back in again 2-3 beats later. And the only plugins on those tracks are EQ and buses to compressor and Space Designer. I've checked the rest of the prod, and nothing special happens at the time of the drop-out. If I move the loop 3 beats earlier the same thing will happen.


Hi Stefan,

Is it possible you inadvertently have overlapping regions on the same track, or possibly assigned to the same audio track "voice". This would explain files cutting in and out unexpectedly. And in a large session, it's easy to miss something like this.

Under the track menu, there's a command to create new tracks for overlapping regions. Try that out in some of the problem areas and see what happens.


Okay - a new symptom is good. We're closing in on the problem.

Check if those new tracks that Logic created are on unique "voices". If not, assign them to unique tracks. I bet your problem will disappear......


Control click in the track header in the Arrange Window. Choose the option to reassign the track object. From within the ensuing menu, select an audio track that you know to be unused.
I've done that now. It still cuts out. :brkwl: Man, I'm dying here, this is insane. Nobody knows of this problem either. What was going to be a good week of deadline work turned into an absolute nightmare. I wouldn't wish this upon my worst enemy, if I had one.
I know it's a long shot, but is there any possibility of accidental automation that has been written inadvertently? Maybe your tracks were accidentally in touch or latch mode while you have been clicking on mute and solo buttons or adjusting levels, etc. ?
No, the weird thing is that it appears to be almost completely random. I found one place in the chorus where I soloed 4 synths and a bass, and 2 of them dropped out coming in to the 4th bar of the chorus. But if I started halfway through the first bar in the chorus they didn't mute there, but instead a bar later, or even later than that. It seems random, and completely f*ed up!
I'm stumped at this point. I keep thinking to myself "what questions am I not asking him?" Being a good diagnostician is all about asking the right questions.

You say you are working with only audio files. Let's rule out that the possibility of problems within the actual audio files themselves. Do the files in question play back properly from the Audio Bin or Sample Edit Windows? Do they "look" right - ie: no dropouts in them?
Yeah they play fine everywhere except in the mix. I'm starting to think it's gonna be the whole "Really? That simple?" thing now. Power chord not plugged in-simple. But I can't for the life of me figure out what's going on since I've tried everything I, and all the helpful people I've talked to have thought of. I mean, erasing, re-formatting and installing leopard and logic and the plugins again and it STILL doesn't work? It's GOT to have something to do with the mix in some way, right?
Okay - let's try something in the "we've got nothing to lose at this point department". I don't think it has anything to do with system or OS related issues; it's most likely something in the way your Arrange Window is set up.

Try this:

Work on a copy of the project. Systematically go through and reassign track object for each audio track and assign each of them to completely new fresh virgin audio tracks. I know you'll lose your plugins for the moment but let's see if the project plays back that way. If it's still problematic, we've ruled out any of the plug ins being a problem.
Can I just drag the audio files to fresh tracks or should I go about it in some other way? I'm not that familiar with problems in Logic to be honest, this is the first f*ck up I've encountered. But man is it a big one, and the worst timing. Anyway, I wouldn't know if the objects would "carry the decease" over to the fresh tack if I just drag and dropped it?
Right, so I dragged all the audio objects onto new fresh tracks, no plugins, no nothing. I left all the automation behind so there's nothing weird that could've possibly tagged along. Still drop outs. AND I removed iZotope Ozone as the final plug, so it's basically a whole new project. Still f*cks up. I dooooon't get it!
Correct. Here's a picture of what it looks like. Channels now start at 100, with the lower number being the original track and the higher being the overlapped, re-assigned track (e.g. tracks 121 and 174 on the top there originally being two 121 tracks). Still cuts out.