Logic Pro 8 EMERGENCY! Random Audio Drop-Outs, please help!



I've got a deadline and my Logic Pro 8 is acting up as a mo-fo!

The problem is this:

The last couple of productions there have been random audio drop-outs all over the place. Tracks have mysteriously just dropped out and then back in whenever they damn please, which makes the project a fest of brutal randomness, and it sounds awful. I can't even bounce track by track cause the track will just drop out whenever.

Example: I work almost exclusively with audio (.aiff). The song works fine up until the chorus when the bass suddenly disappears. Then it kicks in again after a few beats, and then maybe a few harmonies in the vocals decide not to sing anymore. Suddenly It's just a kick and a boy choir, and then all at once kicks in again. It curls my skin.

I do use a lot of plug-ins, but it shouldn't really make any difference as I'm on a MacBook Pro 2,6ghz, 4gb RAM and with a 7200rpm built in HDD. And it's only recently that this has started happening.

I've done everything i know and in my power to fix this:
* Deleting the logic.pro.plist
* Repair Disk/Repair Disk Permissions
* Start up cold with the CMD+ALT+P+R-combo
* Increased buffer size
* Tried the project from both built in and external HDD
* Tried the project with both built in audio and with my Apogee Duet
* Erased tracks to the point it shouldn't be a problem anymore, but it still is.
* Finally I got sick of it all today and I re-formatted my MacBook Pro, started from scratch and installed Logic and thought a fresh start would do the trick. IT DIDN'T! IT'S STILL HAPPENING!

Anybody know what's going on? And most importantly, how to fix it?? This is an emergency, and my future may well depend on the deadline I'm approaching rapidly (next Thursday, man oh man). ANY help would be immensely appreciated, and whoever helps me fix this will be my hero for a lifetime!

Thank you so much in advance for any help on this!

Best Regards
/Stefan Almqvist
have you looked at the waveforms? Do they also drop out?
If not, then something is gating them. Perhaps you have some automation going on that you don't know about.

Check the mute automation display first

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Oops, seems like I've posted this topic twice unintentionally. Getting help elsewhere, but yeah I've tried that. And about everything else at this point. =/ Thanks anyway!!
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