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Converting midi tracks to audio tracks in Logic 8

How can a midi track recorded in Logic be converted to an audio track ? I've tried bouncing the track and creating an external instrument but neither worked for me. Any help would be appreciated.
Fading out a track in Logic 8

I want to be able to fade out a single track as well as multiple tracks using Logic 8. Besides using the crossfade tool what is another way that is fairly simple ?



1. is the midid track triggering an external synth? If so, cable up the audio outs of your synth into your sound card. You can then record the midi onto an audio track set to the input corresponding to where your synth is plugged into.

Or, once you have the cabling set up, create an aux with the proper physical input set. Then, with the audio from your external synth being routed into Logic's audio stream, your external synth will be included in bounces.

2. Track automation.