Logic Pro X Environment Issue in Logic X - not present in earlier Versions


Hi Logicians.

I'm working on some new environments for programming synths remotely and have discovered a bug in LOGIC X I wanted to confirm or see if anyone else has solved. I develop in v4 for backwards compatibility, then port through 7 > X.

When using SYSEX sliders that use "Nibbles" rather than MSB / LSB values, the fader does not move correctly - even with a range setting of 0-127, the physical slider aspect of the fader jumps and does strange things when swept (no matter which style of fader you choose). For instance there is a MASTER TUNE command for the Roland GAIA that requiress "4 nibbles" to cover the entire range and resolution. This all works prefectly in the earlier versions of LOGIC, but in X the fader jumps around very haphazardly and makes it very difficult to select values. Same with other SYSEX sliders that use "Nibbles".

I believe the values are being sent in their full range but the slider is jumpy and unpredictable so difficult to work with.

Any thoughts or help would be appreciated. Thanks! - jr